Send WWII Veterans back to their battlefields!
For the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima. Our sculptor Mark Boyd has made only TEN LIMITED EDITION Reliefs of the"Changing of the Flags" on Iwo Jima. The sculpture is based on the iconic photo taken be a Marine combat photographer just as the second flag went up and the first one then came down.
Secure yours for a donation of $10,000. 
You will be hosting a Veteran and securing a "one of a kind" sculpture! 
Please contact us for details! 

Daughters of World War II 5th Annual Veterans Day Luncheon on 11/11/14 was a huge success! Thank you for all who attended and made the event possible. We had over 600 guests to honor our 150 WWII Veterans! 

Daughters of World War II 

Celebrating our Heroes Among Us
A Tribute to the WWII Veterans 

Special Recognition 

H. Ross Perot 

Inagural Recipient DWWII Legacy Award 
for Lifetime Service to US Military and Veterans 

Keynote Speakers:
Colonel (Ret.) Anthony A Wood
Best Selling Author Andy Andrews


ALL PROCEEDS benefitted our WINGS OF FREEDOM INITIATIVE to return our Heroes back to their Battlefields


For footage of the Daughters of WWII Return to D-Day, visit CBS 11 DFW!

Thanks to your contributions, Sgt. Maj. Robert Blaknit was able to return to Omaha Beach June 6, 2014 where he landed 70 years ago on D-Day with 900 men, many of whom were lost at battle. He now shares his return to Normandy with his daughter Holly Davidson. Blaknit had the opportunity to share his experiences with his daughter, and THAT is what Daughters is all about!



FOX News: Remembering Iwo Jima

Profiles in Courage
Click here to see CBS 11 segment with Laura Leppert and Robert Jagers
Generations Lest We Forget
Videos documenting experiences from WWII Veterans
Generations Lest We Forget is an anthology inspiring hope, a series of personal narratives from ordinary individuals who have lived through extraordinary moments in history. The documentaries feature the incredible journeys and heart-warming stories of those who have survived everything: Ellis Island, the depression, wars, 9/11, the civil rights movement, and those who have simply lived, sharing stories of family dinners, baseball games, and wedding feasts. It is a testament to love, life and our humanity. It not only connects us to our families, but also to each other.
French Students Thank our Veterans

Robert Blatnik surrounded by French students.
Robert Blatnik surrounded by French students.
Pictured are French students who surrounded Mr. Blatnik and Mr. Tweed and asked such deep questions. Their questions reflected their understanding of the Allied Invasion,  the significance of the liberation of their country and the price of freedom.
It gives us great hope in their generation that they will keep the memory of these men alive and take the flame forward so other generations can enjoy freedom and peace.
Below is an email received from the teacher.
I'm a teacher un France and we have been very lucky to meet you at Coleville sur mer the 4th of june. The children ( and us!) have been really happy to meet you, it's a real chance for the children! The two classes wanted to let you a message, so I write it from them:
" Hello,
we are very happy to have met you last tuesday. We'll never forget this meeting with you; thank you so much to have answered our questions. thank you for all you did for our country. We are proud of your braveness and your generosity. We'll remember this day forever. We hope you'll give us some news. With all our friendship.
La classe de CM2 A"
" Hello,
Thank you very much for this unforgettable moment shared with you. Thank you for having liberated our country. We are very happy to have met you. thanks to have answered our questions; We were happy to sing for you. you'll always be heroes for us, and you'll stay in our heart forever!
La classe de CM2 B".
Thanks again!
Nolwenn Judais, teacher
I just wanted to say thank you for what you did this year at Normandy. I was able to speak with some of your members as well as meet some of the veterans your members escorted this year, including Robert Turecky and the two gentlemen from the 29th ID. As an active duty service member, I am humbled and honored by their contributions and sacrifices, and I'm in awe of the great things your organization has done to continue and honor their memories. Thank you for being part of arguably the most memorable experience of my life.
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