We are the sons & daughters of the

men and women who served in World War II

Our mission: To honor all veterans of World War II by preserving their service and memories for future generations,
in recognition of the great sacrifice made by these men and women in protecting the freedom which all Americans enjoy today. Daughters of World War II is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Daughters of World War II 2011 Promotional Video from Daughters of World War II on Vimeo.

Major M. Brooks, World War II P-38 fighter-pilot with nearly 100 missions in support of Allied troops, including the Battle of the Bulge


We bring together Daughters, Veterans, family members, and those supporting our efforts through programming and special events, designed to raise awareness of World War II and its veterans within our communities.


While our primary members are Daughters of World War II and their families, we also welcome anyone with relatives who served during the war, as well as those wishing to honor Veterans in general by joining our group.


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